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Because of the special needs of its clientele, Uvattinut can succeed only if there is a high level of collaboration with the community of Puvirnituq and Inuulitsivik Health Center (IHC) which has expertise in mental illness.


IHC collaboration is seen as vital because it is the only organization which can provide the high level of complex services required for the success of the Residents of Uvattinut.


These services include nursing, social services and educators

from the mental health rehabilitation centers, in particular

Aaniavituqarq (Crisis Center).


Staff from Uvattinut, Aaniavituqarq and social

workers would work together to perform the

following duties for residents:

-  Assist with money management;

-  Assure medication compliance;

-  Assure the proper maintenance and upkeep of each


-  Assist residents to deal with social and family problems;

-  Etc.


Staff from Aaniavituqarq and on-site staff at Uvattinut will be the frontline in:

  • Discouraging inappropriate visitors such as drug dealers;

  • Stopping squatters from taking over apartments;

  • Providing clients with the opportunity to socialize and enjoy recreational activities organized by the Center and the community

  • Encourage clients to increase their skills in cooking and household activities.

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